Monday, February 06, 2006

Hugh Too

Comedian Hugh Dennis, who appears in two satirical news shows on the BBC (Mock the Week on TV and The Now Show on radio), has just denounced the Mohammed cartoons on Radio Five Live. While he goes back to his groundbreaking jokes about George Bush being stupid, I'm adding his name to the roll-call of leftie pussies.

Update. Here's what he said:
My own personal view about this is that, y’know, while there’s a right to free speech and all the rest of it you don’t always have to exercise it. The fact that you can do something and you can say something doesn’t necessarily make it the right thing to do. You equally have a right, a freedom, not to. If you’re going to be offensive you actually have to have a really really good reason for doing it.
I can just picture all the cowardly leftie comedians reassuring each other with this bullshit. "We’re doing the correct thing aren’t we?" "Oh yes, definitely! It's our right not to stand up for free speech." Stewart Lee, Hugh Dennis - feel that rumble? It’s Lenny Bruce spinning in his grave.


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