Tuesday, February 21, 2006

From down under...


A UNIVERSITY graduate student abandoned the [Queensland University of Technology] in frustration…

The original marking of a 2000-word paper included a comment from lecturer Edwina Luck advising Mr Duggan to present "more smarter writing".

After Ms Luck graded the paper at 65 per cent, Mr Duggan questioned the grade and Ms Luck passed it to another staffer, Dr Yunus Ali, who downgraded it to 35 per cent.

In re-marking, Dr Ali questioned the use of the terms "Yin" and "Yang", a Chinese concept of balance… Dr Ali admitted he had "no idea" what the terms meant and thought they were references to people's names…

In response to further queries, Ms Luck sent Mr Duggan a short e-mail which, because her "s" key was not functioning, read as: "I knew you would be di appointed, o what I have done i taken the middle ground. I am uppo ed to take the econd mark, but I did not want to kill you that much. I do hope that you have learned from thi . Not the point of a king for explanation, but that we a lecturer are not totally illy!! Academic writing i difficult. I hope all our comment can be helpful in the future. Edwina."
You couldn’t make thi ort of hit up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Universites are havens for people who think they are intelligent, but aren't.

They would never be able to hold down a useful jobs and they know it.

11:56 am  
Anonymous The Remittance Man said...

If I were a parent I'd be seriously considering blowing Remittance Minor's college fund on whisky and fast living about now. Academia seems to offer no route to intellectual development anymore (my own spelling and grammar should be proof enough of that) and may even constitute a form of child abuse.

No, it would be far better to pack the little bugger off to sea or find him a suitable apprenticeship leading to an honest trade than to submit him to this sort of idiocy.

Of course as a happy bachelor these ponderings are academic, but were I a parent....


1:27 pm  

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