Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Extreme Dhimmitude in Belgium

From BBC News:
A town in Belgium has banned an artwork of Saddam Hussein for fear that it will put off tourists and offend Muslims.
The town of Middlekerke's stance on cartoons of the murderous tyrant is unknown.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the authorities in Middelkerke will at least be able to sleep soundly in their beds. Which is a waste of time, because every night cargo planes taking-off from Ostend Airport situated nearby scream low overhead. But perhaps they feel it worthwhile, because the airport is renowned - if not imfamous - for being a centre of illegal arms shipments (such as the contravention of the UN arms embargo against Rwanda) in 1994. If there is a killing field, planes leave Ostend Airport with the requisite instruments. They make more than just chocolate and EU regulations there. Live in Amsterdam? Want a gun? Go to Belgium! Where north European legalism meets exotic anarchy. Just the place to locate the 'capital' of the European Union. So it's no wonder they banned the artwork, their (local) economy thrives on dictators. And as far as the tourists are concerned, they will just have to amuse themselves with the lovingly restored German WWII coastal defences pointing defiantly towards England. Little Belgians gazing up in awe at Granddad can ask "What did you do in the war, opa?". To which the reply will often be, "Manned these turrets as an SS volunteer."

Most of the information on the openly clandestine activities are in the Dutch language, and I don't have the time to translate them - but this website is in English


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