Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dunfermline Fallout

Scotland on Sunday reports:

the Labour party is divided, with Gordon Brown and his camp blaming the First Minster and Jack McConnell and his supporters blaming Brown's blunderbuss approach.
The Holyrood Chronicles blog asks this:
Is it not odd that the Labour Party (and the Labour Party in Scotland particularly), despite having brought devolution into being, seems to have the most difficulty in coming to terms with its practical implications?
It's hard not to feel a frisson of schadenfreude, isn't it?


Anonymous TAoL said...

Isn't it odd that the Quisling-in-Waiting has been popping up everywhere (on the BBC anyway), speaking on a range of topics from patriotism to British soldiers' behaviour in Basra?

He must be stopped. Wanker.

5:50 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

He must be stopped. Agreed

Wanker. Very much agreed.

6:27 pm  

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