Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Craven media cannot be forgiven

Paul Belien, editor of the superb Brussels Journal, makes a startling obvious but brilliant point about the fake cartoons:
Western papers and blogs that published the twelve cartoons were right to do so. If they had not published, no-one would have been able to ascertain that the pigsnout was not among them. If they had not published, the cheating, blasphemous imams would have got away with their lies. The public is served by information, never harmed by it. Let this be a lesson to the cowards of The Guardian, SBS, the BBC and the British and American mainstream media, who “out of respect” for Islam would have allowed blasphemous imams to get away with their gross insult of the prophet, with slander and libel, and with the violent acts which they instigated.

When I took the above screen grab from BBC News on January 30 I knew the "cartoon" was a fake and not, as reported, one of the original Jyllands-Posten images. I was only aware of this because I'd taken up Belien’s call and published the images on my own blog the day before.

Without the internet none of us could have determined a fake from an original, and people such as these could have made whatever claims they wanted about the images:

That’s why the failure of our spineless mainstream media to publish or broadcast the cartoons is unforgivable.


Anonymous TAoL said...

Yup. Splendid work.

Soon, the BBC will be closing its news headlines with: "Our next news bulletin is at 10 o'clock. A very good evening to you and death to Israel."

11:28 pm  
Anonymous max said...

Exactly. Now, all those who talked about 'respect to Islam' and 'sensitivity to other peoples beliefs' will look like fucken idiots when this comes out:

It's going to be fun to watch.

12:14 am  
Blogger DFH said...

TAoL - "very good evening to you and death to Israel." Heh.

Max - that Egytpian paper is priceless. What a stupid, frenzy-whipping Dark Age religion it is.

8:00 am  
Blogger Lizze said...

These fake pictures will definitely show that the media/papers who re-printed the cartoons did the absolute right thing.

Information is power … and who doesn’t want us to know?

Good stuff with the screen grab! I linked through to you in my latest blog post so many thx :)

8:16 pm  

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