Saturday, February 25, 2006

Archdhimmi of Canterbury

From the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent address to the World Council of Churches:
...many non-Christian majorities regard Christian presence as a threat, or at least as the sign of a particular geopolitical agenda (linked with the USA or the West in general)... One of the most problematic effects of recent international developments has been precisely to associate Christians in the Middle East or Pakistan, for example, with an alien and aggressive policy in the eyes of an easily manipulated majority. The suffering of Christian minorities as a result of this is something which all our churches and the whole of this Assembly need constantly to keep in focus.
Muslims kill Christians, burn churches, send suicide bombers into Western cities and threaten to murder those who publish things they don’t like, and Rowan Williams responds by telling members of his faith to be less threatening. Islam is blameless - it’s the West that’s at fault.

Here's the C of E's current logo:

This might be more suitable:

(Related - Laban Tall takes a looks at the Anglican response to the violence in Nigeria.)


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