Thursday, February 09, 2006

Another BBC Page Edit

What's going on here then?

Same link, then and now.

Original (Friday):

Update (Saturday):

Now check out this feeble press release from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It tries to make out that the foreign secretary isn’t really a spineless shit - he's just getting misreported. Unfortunately for Straw his own reference to “the Holy Prophet” kind of gives him away.

He's obviously very touchy on this subject. I wonder if the BBC changed the above story for a reason.

(Previously on DFH - I hate Jack Straw, Chocolate City)


Blogger none said...

Muslims say 'blasphamy' is the highest sin... why weren't they rioting during 9/11 when 19 Muslims hijacked airplanes and rammed them into our twin towers-- all in the name of Islam. THAT, was blasphamy. Instead, a lot of the same people rioting were shooting into the air in celebration. They, like a lot of Christians, like to pick and choose what part of their 'good-book' they obey.


ps: stop by the site, it's a lot like yours.

7:49 pm  
Anonymous TAoL said...

No one has complained about Bernard Brett's Mohammed, a children's book published by Collins in 1972 (ISBN 0001922459, copies available on Amazon.

This very excellent book has pictures of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him, Death to Infidels etc.) and everything.

I presume Mr Brett hasn't been offed by a jihadist. Yet.

8:08 pm  
Blogger Charles Martel said...

"Jack Straw: Yes, I would, without any question. You should apply exactly the same standards. And I also think, if people look at these cartoons and were to replace the images of the Holy Prophet with images of Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary, they can see that even in our culture if they were directed at the Judea or Christian traditions, there would be similar outrage."

apologies for swearing DFH , oh for FUCKS SAKE - there wouldnt be a "similar outrage".

are there loads of jewish people standing outside the bbc right now , ask for Jeremy Paxman's head because Newsnight broadcast anti-semitic cartoons that are published in Arab papers?

are there fundie U.S Christians burning the British flag and burning down the British embassy , because the BBC broadcast the Jerry Springer Opera?

get a fucking grip Straw - there is absolutely NO comparision.

we're dealing with fascism. grow the fuck up Man of Straw and start acting like a fucking British Minister for a change, and start defending our fucking country from the Islamofascists, you dipshit.


1:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack Straw has a large muslim section in his constituency - this probably contributes to his spinelessness.

9:23 am  

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