Thursday, February 23, 2006

£40m depot raid

From the Guardian:
An armed gang escaped with up to £40m million in a raid on a high-security cash storage depot yesterday in what is thought to be one of the biggest robberies in history.

During a meticulously-planned operation, the depot's manager and his family were abducted by two groups of men posing as police officers, while other gang members tied up all 15 members of staff.
Apparently the fake police officers were very convincing - one group said they were looking for a old lady who had said "Fiddlesticks!" in a built up area, and the other claimed they were on their way to stop a game of kiss-chase at a nearby infant school.


Blogger staghounds said...

That's the tip off that they were fakes. REAL police would have been claiming to look for someone who said that cartoons of Mohammed were alright with him, or that buggers shouldn't be allowed to marry.

6:01 pm  

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