Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Spot the Difference

This is from the BBC:
Mr Blair set up a "respect" task force last year and the plans are the first real fruits of its work.

Under them, police officers and council officials would have to hold "face the people" sessions.

And where local people were not satisfied, they could ask new local scrutiny committees to investigate through "community calls to action".

The committees would have to report within a deadline. The police and other agencies would have a duty to respond to the committees' findings.

Among other measures in the plan are... A "national parenting academy", to train social workers, clinical psychologists, community safety officers and youth justice workers about advising parents

This is from country-data.com, on North Korea:
Socialist law-abiding life guidance committees were established in 1977 in the Central People's Committee and in the people's committees at the provincial-, city-, and county-levels. These ad hoc committees meet once a month and are chaired by the president of the people's committee. The committees are a control measure for ensuring respect for public authority and conformity to the dictates of socialist society.
(Also - “North Korean law limits incarceration during investigation and interrogation to a period not to exceed two months.” And Blair wanted 90 days.)

An Englishman’s Castle has a picture of one of the first people's committees in action. Heh.

Update - Guido notes other influences.


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