Monday, January 30, 2006

Mohammed Cartoons Update

Libya has joined the Saudis in closing its embassy in Denmark (great headline).

Secular Blasphemy says that Danish, Norwegian and Swedish (?!) citizens have been told to leave Gaza (I don’t know why the Finns get off so lightly).

The excellent Brussels Journal reports that the editor of Jyllands-Posten, the paper that originally published the cartoons, has written an open letter to Saudi Arabia justifying the paper’s actions. ‘Karsten’ points out in the comments there:
An independent paper in a free and democratic country "justifies itself" to a family run dictatorship? The only thing that they need to say to Saudia Arabia is "STFU".
In the comments on my blog, Annemie says:
“Being Danish I only really get to see *our* perspective.. It is a crime against free press and free speech that this has been hushed to such an extent in anglospheric media.”
Quite so.

Here are some sites that have already published the cartoons:

Americans For Freedom
Brussels Journal
Flickr via Islam Threat
L’Ombre de l’Olivier
USS Neverdock

Mine are here.

And Thomas the Wraith wants artistic bloggers to produce their own images.

(Buy Danish!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Swedes are threated because Arla is Danish-Swedish company. Finns have nothing to do with this incident... so far.... hopefully some Finnish paper would be brave enough to publish those pictures ;-)

12:58 pm  

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