Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hajj Stampede

Where’s the outrage against the Saudi authorities? If a pilgrimage in America saw hundreds of dead bodies piled up year after year the world's media would howl as one against the criminal incompetence of the government. That said, if such a thing were to ever happen in America you can be pretty damn sure it would only ever happen once. Why are the oil-rich Saudis given such an easy ride over this annual bloodbath?

Update. From Arab News a couple of weeks ago (hat tip Dhimmi Watch):
“The British Embassy announced here on Tuesday that Jawaid Akhtar, an assistant chief constable with West Yorkshire Police (WYP), has been invited to Kingdom by the Saudi Ministry of Interior.
“He wants to see first hand how the Saudi police manage over two million pilgrims coming from around the world for the annual pilgrimage to Makkah,” an embassy official said.
Speaking to Arab News from London, Akhtar said: “The Saudi authorities have policed this massive annual undertaking with great success.
No they haven’t.

I’d be seriously worried about attending the next Leeds-Bradford football match if Mr Akhtar plans to implement Saudi police crowd controls. However, I doubt that’s why he really went. He was there on a PR mission, and I bet we won't hear a bad word said when he returns from his little jaunt.


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