Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The BBC and "Chocolate City"

Last week the Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin caused some controversy by claiming that God wants the Big Easy to be a "chocolate" (i.e. black, just in case you didn't get it) city.

A search on Google News for '"chocolate city" bcc' returns one item , dated 17 Jan 2006 (click for larger image):

If you follow the link you’ll notice that the story was updated the following morning to this:

As you can see, the race angle has been played down a little in the later article.

A similar thing happened in the Courier-Journal of Kentucky whose public editor has had to explain her paper’s removal of the word "chocolate" from their coverage of the same story (via Michelle Malkin) :
In trying to address potential sensitivities of some readers by excising the controversial remark, it could be taken by other readers -- and believe me, it was -- that the newspaper was trying to cover or protect this particular public official from his own articulations.

And those other readers would, and did, question whether the paper would allow the same editing grace to a white politician who promised a "vanilla" future to his city, or to the ever-dependable Pat Robertson the next time he said God would rain misery and worse on people whose views the reverend also happened to scorn.

The "chocolate" quote should have been in the first day's story, as reported by AP. Period
The BBC did at least keep the word "chocolate", but there’s no denying it changed the thrust of the story to highlight the Mayor’s anti-war message at the expense of his arguably anti-white one. Like the people of Kentucky, the licence payers of Britain are entitled to ask how the BBC would’ve dealt with the story had it been a white guy shooting his mouth off.


Anonymous revinkevin said...

If it had been a white guy the bbc would be all over themselves acussing him of racism.

The bbc double sandards in use.

11:06 pm  
Anonymous TAoL said...

Perhaps this should be put to the test?

Why not casually refer to Ray Nagin as 'chocolate' Mayor Nagin on the R5L message boards and see how long the message remains?

1:28 pm  

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