Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Born Guilty

AL Kennedy on the Today programme this morning:
“...centuries of proud British tradition have trained us to avoid self-examination and any kind of regret.”
Apparently there’s not nearly enough liberal guilt and self-loathing for her liking. She won’t be happy until we spend our days jabbing forks into our eyes in penance for our nation's evil and racist deeds.

She went on to have a good old rant about Iraq but, strangely, forgot to mention the deposal of Saddam Hussein, last week’s successful elections, or indeed the horrors perpetrated by all those fanatical suicide bombers and head-choppers. There is only bad news and there are no bad people except us (and the Americans, of course). It would seem that her idea of 'self-examination' means sticking one's head up one's arse.

I turned the radio off at 8am ("And coming up after the news, Bob Geldof and Hilary Benn" did it) but when I turned on again some historian called Linda Colley had taken up the baton from Kennedy:
"we have chosen only to commemorate on our bank notes white people, mainly white males. I think we should be more eclectic and that would be more accurately reflective of our past."
It’s the left-liberal concept of original sin - being born white, male and British. Fuck us, we're cunts. I guess I’d better get a fork and start poking my eyes.


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