Saturday, December 24, 2005

BBC bullshit

Listening to Radio 4 this morning whilst wrapping prezzies - couple of things worthy of mention.

Life in the Boondocks about black leftwing cartoonist Aaron McGruder in which the Guardain’s Gary Younge asked, "What makes him tick? Is it race, politics, art, or a potent blend of all three?" (Don't tell me, don't tell me. Potent blend of all three, right?) Younge came out with this gem: "But notoriety has also brought its rewards - lunch with Fidel Castro." If you're a Guardian columnist, time spent in the radiant presence of a brutal commie dictator is considered a reward (and half an hour on the BBC to express such views is inevitable). I think it's the indefatigability these lefties admire so much.

Later, From Our Own Correspondent had a report from Morocco by Humphrey Hawksley. Get a load of this:
"His name is Souffian Baghari. He is 11.
We drove up and turned the final corner of the road to his home: a rubbish tip.
Seagulls and crows swooped down. The birds landed on the backs of goats and sheep and pecked at their wool soiled and dangling with rubbish.
Birds and animals alike foraged for food.
People too; many children, rags hanging, heads down, hacking with pitchforks or their bare hands.
I had come to Morocco, not just to look again at more developing world poverty, but to test America's policy of pushing for democracy in societies which for years have been ruled through dictatorship."
There's a kid living in a rubbish tip in Morocco therefore it must be America's fault. How to blame the Yanks though? Ah, yes, it's because they want democracy to spread, the evil bastards! Unbelievable.

(And Any Questions is on now. The panel - Matthew Parris, The Times political columnist; Brian Eno, music producer; Jude Kelly, Artistic Director of the South Bank Centre and Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday columnist. All carefully chosen for their anti-Iraq war views.)


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